Friday, November 5, 2010

I Am Still Alive!

Happy Friday Everyone!!

I guess everyone has given up on me by now, but I am still kicking just not very high. Rick and I went out of town for a few days the end of last week and I was covered up getting ready for the trip ( not only do I have to get our things together but I have to leave things for Polly and her caregiver while we are away) and then when I got back it is get everything back in all are the same I know, but then I developed a migraine and that stopped everything. I feel a little better today but my head is sore and not quite back to my old self just yet.
Enough of the excuses, I wanted to share a couple of pictures that I took while we were in South Carolina. We go with a group of our shooting friends each spring and fall to a club where we rent a house on the property and shoot sporting clays and other games for 4 days. I look forward to these trips so much, we don't have to travel any further than the golf cart outside of our door to get on the range and we cook together and eat in and the food is always delicious. I took these photos on the course thinking you might get an idea of the area.

There are two ponds on this property and lots of open fields and stands of pines. I love the feel of the place and the people that work at the club are so nice and have become good friends as we have been going for about 15 years. I am working on some cards and hope to have something to post soon. Hope everyone has a wonderful week-end planned. Take care and see ya soon!


Olga said...

that's Patti, my Cowgirl LOL, still blows my mind but glad you enjoyed your self. hate ya got sick, take care!! And no the shot didn't hurt, but after she cleaned my arm I yelled, she jumped and I got so tickled, she hadn't even gave me the shot yet, scared her to death, she was new. LOL

Colleen said...

Your pictures are wonderful. I love shooting at clay targets. I would be really rusty though have not shot for about 10 years now. My husband shoots balloons off his horse now instead. Since I can't seem to stay on my horse they don't trust me to hold a gun while I'm riding.

Colleen said...

I left a gift for you on my blog!

Kathy Braun and Lucky said...

Patti, the pictures are so pretty I love that area it isn't like any other. Sorry about the migraine, I get those from time to time and you just can't describe them people who never had them. Feel better.

Patti said...

Beautiful pictures Patti, so glad your feeling better!

Payne Holler Cards said...

so glad you and DH were able to have a little time away - and this place is gorgeous!!! I'm scared to death to shoot a gun.. so very impressed...feel better, migraines are definitely a "pain"
(sorry, couldnt resist - hugs!)