Tuesday, November 9, 2010

An Award!!

My friend Colleen has bestowed the honor of saying my blog has attitude! I am not so sure about that, but I appreciate her kindness and friendship. You can check out all her great creations Here .
With this award I am to tell 3 things that you might not know about me that makes me different:
1. I am an avid shooter who enjoys shooting shotguns competitively with my husband.
2. I want to go to Africa with my husband while he goes on safari (for the 5th time) and to visit our friends that we have living in South Africa but due to my MIL's health, our trip is on hold.
3. I collect cookbooks, love to try new recipes and cook for my friends.

I am going to award this to 5 of my deserving friends and their blogs...if you will go Here you can read all the details on how to get your $5.00 gift certificate to Digis with Attitude.

I am giving this to:
Nina who gave me my first chance at being on a design team and is such an inspiration.
Nilla who inspires me from half way around the world
Betty who isn't crafting at the moment,due to health problems but who always makes me happy when she comments on my work and whose blog I enjoy even without cards.
Theresa who has supported me from the very beginning of my blog and who amazes me with her creations.
Laurie at Doodle Pantry where I love the challenges and her beautiful design work.

Thanks so much again, Colleen and hope you will all enjoy your award.

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Theresa said...

I just stopped by and see that you have received this award ...congrats to you...and then I see that you have chosen me for it. Thanks so much. How kind of you. I will be posting it tomorrow once I decide who to pass it to. Thanks for thinking of me.