Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Best Friend Award

I am so honored to be awarded this from two of the nicest ladies in the world. My friend Kathy at the Lucky Stamper gave this to me first and I hope you can stop by her blog and check out the beautiful work that she does. She is always such an inspiration to me. Then before I knew it, I was honored again when the lovely Olga at craftieodamae bestowed this to me. Thanks Olga, I will always cherish our friendship as you were the very first online person to become my friend and to think we only lived a few miles away from each other. You need to check out her beautiful work as well....such talent in all of my friends and that includes you reading this.
When receiving this award you need to thank your givers and then link back to their site. You then need to pass this on to followers for your blog that inspire you with their visits and comments. I so appreciate each and everyone of you that stops to visit with me and want to pass it on to all of my followers and readers, if you have not already posted this from someone else, please accept it with my love and gratitude. I hope each of you is having a happy, special day!

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