Thursday, April 3, 2014

Precious Lauryn.....

Photo: Sweet baby girl was fast asleep last night around 10pm, which has been the earliest she's fallen asleep since being in the hospital. She did scoot around a lot on Thomas the train which is great but probably had a lot to do with her early bedtime. The goal is that the chemo and therapy will help her get back to walking󾬕

Lauryn is not much of a fan for the oral medications (& who can blame her) which she has to take six a day. They are trying to be creative with crushing some of the meds up and putting it into certain foods but she of course is catching on so that has become some what of a nightmare. The doctors did say that the chemo she is receiving will make her extremely hungry so she may gain quite a few pounds❤️

Today is day grateful she's got two tough days under her belt, let's pray today goes well! 

Fight on Little Lauryn󾬕❤️


*I have to share one of my favorite pictures of her recently, it completes melts my heart❤️❤️*

This precious child is the granddaughter of our dear friend  Linda Payne . Her name is Lauryn and she was diagnosed last Thursday with Leukemia. She will be fighting this disease during the near future with Chemo and many days in the hospital. A hard road for this 2 year old.

A Facebook page with updates can be found Here .

We have put up a blog as well - Lots of Love for Lauryn where there will be a Card Drive blog hop on April 14, 2014. Lots of prizes are being donated and digital images will be for sale, so check back often.

There is also a donate button through Paypal were you can help the family with expenses.

This is a wonderful family with lots of faith in our Lord, please join us in prayers for them and this
sweet child.

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Thanks so very much.


sweetbloominscraps said...

Hello Patti, I just stopped by to see you. I am so sorry to hear about the granddaughter of your dear friend. Lauren and her family will definitely be in my prayers! I hope you are doing well.

Olga said...

I'm there..............

na.olsen said...

Sending love and prayers to your friends.