Thursday, August 22, 2013

Shapes and Silhouette

Just wanted to stop by and show you my new cover, yes they now have them in pink,yeah!

I dressed it up a bit with text and flowers and the idea came from this week's challenge at the Silhouette Blog where the weekly shape challenge is to use a shape in an unlikely way. I used the Pine Tree shape from the Silhouette store to create my flower. The file comes with both the trunk and tree, I deleted the trunk as I would not need it, re sized the pine tree (one of the first shapes I purchased) and replicated the shape around 12 times to get my blossom.
I then copied and pasted it 3 more times and re sized them to create my layers.
Here is a great video that Jeana did which explains is so well. I can't wait to try this with a card. 
Here is a closeup of the flowers.

Don't you love the button fabric, this is retired from Stampin' Up and so perfect for my Cameo cover.
 The word Create was made using the text tool and a font on my computer and also cut from a scrap of fabric.

Hope you can understand what I am trying so hard to explain and failing at I am afraid.
My advice is to watch the video and it will all be clear.

Have a wonderful day.


Olga said...

You are amazing!!!! This is incredible!!!!

Glenda Atkins said...

Ooooh how very creative, wow!

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