Friday, May 21, 2010

My Flowers

I decided to take some pictures today of my flowers and copycat all my friends who have posted theirs. I ran errands all day today and picked up a few annuals to make some hanging baskets (which I have not done yet). I did plant a couple of New Guinea impatiens. The first picture is of the perennial bed we planted last year in front of our house. Rick got huge flat rocks out of the woods on our land and little by little we fixed our walkway. He worked so hard on this. The large bushes have been there for years, but we added dwarf hydrangeas and the other flowers. They survived our harsh winter. I found this hammered stand (which is suppose to be for beverages at the local dollar store and we drilled drain holes and turned it into a flower container.

The next pictures are of my bed between us and my neighbor. The purple iris are dwarf and from my Dad's house before he passed away. The yellow ones just came up one year and I don't know how. Rick put a post up for my Dad's old mailbox and I need to repaint it...the clematis is growing well this year and starting to bloom.

This next picture is of my upper deck. We moved the white rock from the front of the house when we redid it last year and my friend Sherri gave us this snow on the mountain about 3 years ago....we are hoping it will fill in around this maple. Here are my New Guinea's. The iron pot belonged to Rick's grandmother.
I hope I haven't run on too long with this and bored you all. Have a wonderful week-end and I hope to see you soon.


Olga said...

Patti these are absolutely gorgeous!!!! CCan't wait to see your hanging baskets!

Mary Anne / MA54K said...

You're landscaping is lovely! I am gonna have to hire Olga to come do mine. I hear she will work for stamps, LOL!